PikeSteward InfoSystems is a information technology solutions company specializing in Online Information Technology solutions and services. Our highest level of commitment is to provide solutions and services which encompases building and managing of high quality, robust,and secure internet based applications while establishing strategic alliances with cutting edge companies by lending our expertise in the development of various IT products. We give clients the freedom to reach their goals through a variety of technologies that include software development, maintenance and execution. We possess the expertise to work within the business processes of various clients, specializing in information technology, finance, communications, healthcare, manufacturing sectors and business intelligence.

Pikesteward was founded on the principles of creating secure and quality services and being a "best place to work." These philosophies are a key part of who we are and what we promise our customers.

We believe that each individual is unique and we strive to nurture entrepreneurial skills in all of our employees. We encourage every individual to be innovative
Integrity and ethics are extremely important in all business relationships. We value and encourage open, honest communication in every interaction. We believe that hard work, personal commitment and a result-oriented attitude make our efforts and relationships rewarding
We strive for excellence, ensure quality and bring value in everything we do. We approach each project with enthusiasm and high energy, and derive immense satisfaction from achieving your business objectives through the effective use of technology
We strongly believe that fidility, faithfulness and unswerving nature make an individual or organization strong and great thus serving customers better. We carry and institute this resilient nature in every project we handle with the attitude of a steward
We believe that our success is directly linked to the success of our clients. On every project, we aim to exceed your expectations